About the Author

Writer, bookseller and textile artist

Susan Beetlestone

Susan Beetlestone Is an author, previously published in Interzone magazine and with four novels available. The town of Shuckleigh began to tell her its stories and they keep on coming. There are also some longer tales in the works.

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Other works

Re:Set Felicia Weill is forced to go on the run from her own employers when she is framed for the sabotage of an underwater research facility. She has to deal with robotic animals and their controllers, and severe problems with human-machine and human-human relationships in order to survive the day.

Clockworks: A teenage girl encounters an unwanted destiny and a trapped alien in a timewarped English village.

Whisper my Name: Lina slips through to the afterworld with the help of a lightning dog and a haunted book.

Now Available

Chilled World: A black comedy of the 1980s. Chilled World is a hugely successful frozen food chain, tapping into the new market for ready meals, but the family who own it have more than a few skeletons in the basement.

Dead, but not buried. Dead, but alive again. How can Sarah and James protect themselves from her when she created everything that they are?