Welcome to Shuckleigh

Welcome to Shuckleigh

In Shuckleigh, the Old Gods still walk, it seems, and some new ones too. there is no such thing as an unusual experience here, no matter how it might seem to an outsider.

Shuckleigh natives take most phemomena in their stride. Indeed, a casual obsever might think that they ignore anything out of the ordinary, unless it directly affects them. They treat it as they would the weather, in other words.

Occult rituals in the crypt of St. Mary’s Church? A fairly ordinary occurrence in any rural town, and some not so rural. A spectral black dog running down the High Street? Not so usual. The many groups practising occult rituals and holding strange beliefs? Unique to Shuckleigh, perhaps.

In this town, a haunting is an ordinary, quite banal event.

Through this portal, Shuckleigh Chronicles, we hope to show you a town twisted and formed by its interface with other worlds, even as it goes about the ordinary daily life of a small rural town.

Welcome to Shuckleigh

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